To 2014 and Beyond

To all experienced blogging teachers, veteran and novice
I need your advice…
One of the goals I set myself when I completed the National College Leading an Independent School course recently was to develop my own blog. So… where to start?

I have used the excuse of research to spend the morning reading many other blogs for inspiration… and inspired (and slightly mentally exhausted) is what I am!
I am awestruck at how many extremely talented, busy blogging Teachers, Deputies and Heads there are out there. Today many of them are reflecting on 2013 and setting goals for 2014… and they have done so much. I guess this means it’s the right time to ask myself and you…What should I do first?
So, to set the scene and avoid dismal February burnout, I thought I should manage my own expectations. I think I would be adventurous just to attempt to achieve around half (or less) of what these blogging deities have done. My shortlist below is not in priority order:
Number 1 – Twitter
@TeacherToolkit (spent ages reading his excellent blogs) has inspired me to become more of Tweeter. I’ve had a go as @Anniegottago but as you’ll see, I’m better at retweeting than sharing wonderful nuggets of meaningful information. Like any alchemist, I’m still working on my nugget making skills.
Number 2 – Blogging
@headguruteacher (spent even longer on this website) reinforces the idea that we can meet so many people through blogging and twitter that we enrich our experiences as teachers and leaders. It is an unbeatable form of professional development, collaborative support and a fun way of meeting like minded souls.
My favourite blogpost has got to be 10 Reasons to Love Teaching. It should be mandatory for all teachers to read this before they start school in January.
Number 3 – Complete my book
I am always writing a book of some sort or stories for my classes. I just never publish them. This year, it is time to dip my toe in the water. The first draft of my latest project is written and now I need some Dutch courage and brazen chutzpah to explore the best way to get it out to children. I want children to read and read and read. I want parents to read more to their children and I want the child who looks at Harry Potter longingly but knows that as they open the first page of that mighty tome, they won’t be able to decode the words quickly and easily enough to make them accessible. I want all stories to be accessible at different levels. So that no-one has to lose out. @readingrockets  has such good advice in this regard.
Number 4 – Find a way to embrace the changes necessitated by the New Curriculum by using this opportunity for beneficial pedagogical change in our school
Ooh…blogging is so much more fun than writing my Medium Term Plans and grappling with the new Primary National Curriculum. That will be my next blog topic. If I set a goal here then I’m obliged to carry it out. So now I’ll have to find a way of combining the new terminology and structure (particularly with the New Primary English PoS) with what I do already and has proven to work very well (thank you Mr Gove). I’m not averse to change. In fact, bizarrely, I love change but, let’s be honest, I prefer to change my content and methodology…not my planning layout,schemes of work etc. Thank you to the @HamiltonTrust who have done a lot of the ground work.
This seems a hearty set of goals and certainly provides grist for the mill.
Any tips anyone may have for managing this while doing the Daily Deputy Dance would be gratefully received.

One comment

  1. Great to read this, Anne! Am pleased the online course encouraged you to get involved in blogging and Twitter – there’s so much to learn, and to share. I’ve read and loved so many of the #nurture1314 blogs which have encouraged teachers and school leaders to give themselves credit for all they’ve achieved in the past year, and helped to focus their thinking about their priorities for the future.

    I hope 2014 is an excellent year for you, and hope perhaps to meet you at some stage.

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